CLUE –Creative Learning for Youth Employment – European Youth In Action Training Course

CLEAR hosted a seven day European Youth in Action training project for 23 youth workers from seven countries, Ireland, Austria, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Iceland, Romania & Slovakia.

The training course took place in the summer of 2011.

The venue was Knockree Youth Hostel , Co. Wicklow, a rural location in the East coast of Ireland.

Project Description:

The training course gathered European youth workers to explore the issues, challenges & opportunities around youth (un)employment and social exclusion with a creative and active learning methodology in an NFL setting. There was a sharing of good practices, experience and learning around how best to tackle issues concerned with youth employment in Europe.

 Topics explored included:

  • Reflection on education for employment:
  • What is learning & L2L and how can it help people with fewer opportunities within and outside educational systems?
  • The training also explored which strategies do we currently use to examine what a young person needs to reach their potential, and how can they be improved?
  • How can we foster entrepreneurship skills particularly taking into consideration issues such as gender and ethnicity and active European citizenship.
  • We also looked at the possibilities of the YiA programme to empower youth workers to use this programme within their learning with young people.

Who was there? We hosted 23 youth workers, educators, peer educators, activists, community development workers & those who work or are connected with young people both in a professional and voluntary capacity. It was an initiative of Eolas Soiléir (Ireland) BASHU’ (Italy), KOPFSTAND (Austria) ( with partners, ACTOR (Romania) CEIPES- Portugal & Turkey, Unghugar (Iceland) Patronus (Slovakia).

What did we do? The project’s theme was how to work on youth unemployment with youth leaders and workers. We had discussions and activities that explored positive and achievable answers and strategies that could be focused on a youths background and unique identity. We shared both challenges and opportunities offered at a local/international level, among European participants. Importance was given to explore good practices, experiences and learning around how to best tackle issues associated with youth un/employment and how to overcome rejections & challenges in the young persons past, how to cope with frustrations among youth and how to increase capacity and entrepreneurship. The answers to such challenges were explored within a non-formal and participative approach through methodologies that involved creativity and discussion. In turn, these methodologies will be used by participants upon return to their own countries and projects with their groups, gaining skills, knowledge and inspiration. Participants also planned future projects and we promoted the opportunities within the Youth in Action programme, that will work towards positive opportunities for young people who are at risk of unemployment.

Methodologies used were all non-formal. Specifically we used Open Space technology, drama methodologies, De Bono 6 thinking hats, World Café, dream charts etc. (download manual for all activities)

Youthpass: All participants received a Youthpass and we allowed time for personal reflection, in pairs and in the large group.

Partnership Building: On the last day we looked at the further potential of the YiA programme and started to build partnerships for further projects.