Partner countries:

Slovenia, Spain, Kosova, Romania, Greece,

Belarus, Slovenia, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Armenia

The objectives of this training course & youth exchange:
1. For the participants to come away with concrete methods and ideas to help
develop their own sense of empowerment & resilience and bring this into the
work they do with young people.
2. To understand and put into action ideas and methods to increase positive
mental health in the young people they work with.
3. To explore the potentials of creative methodologies as a way for self discovery,
creativity, empowerment & resilience.
4. To be part of an intercultural learning experience.
5. To facilitate the exchange of experience from participants regarding their
work with their own young people.
6. To encourage European co-operation in the youth field.
7. For young people on the youth exchange to experience these methods for
personal growth.

Methods used:
Non-formal interactive methods include workshops on:
• Mindfulness & creativity based on MBSR (mindful based stress reduction)
• The practice of empowerment –
• Theatre games – using ‘Theatre of the Oppressed’ methodologies to explore
• Art activities for self expression, creativity, empowerment & resilience
• Practical workshop on making your own natural skincream -regaining
power over the production of products we use daily
• Nature walk – connected to positive mental health
• Vision Quest – a Native American ritual to connect to the inner you
• Visits to local heritage & community projects
• Discussion, sharing, exchange of experience, movement & reflection

Testimonial from one of the participants on the Training Course:

‘I take this opportunity to thank you for your great contributions in assuring a life with happiness and increased knowledge. I’ve been living in isolation, marginalisation and stress. Your organization and your company has helped me to understand myself and help me fight some of those issues’.


Deirdre Quinlan –member of the Irish National Agency trainer pool, Deirdre has been working in the area of non-formal learning for many years whose specialization is in theatre methodologies, particularly Theatre of the Oppressed.

Jack Talbot – educator with early school leavers & member of the Irish Teaching Council. Specialising in working with young people with fewer opportunities around outdoor activities, digital media & intercultural learning.

Una Keeley
MBSR Mindfulness Instructor and Arts educator with a masters in art education. Owner of Mindful Create and member of the Irish Mindfulness Teachers Network.
Nora Furlong– educator who specialises working with young people through the medium of art.

Geraldine Quinlan – qualified drama therapist she now works with groups sharing her skills with groups in making natural skin cream along with developing her own natural skincare range.






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Empowering U Resource Manual

Empowering U – Training Course & Youth Exchange 2017