Equal life chances for Youth!’


Was a Training course for youth organisations/N.G.O.’s that wanted to understand, build and support activism on issues of economic equality.


A six-day seminar held in Ireland in August 2015.


Funded by the Erasmus+ Youth programme


Equal Life Chances for Youth is an initiative of Eolas Soiléir. It gave the opportunity to youth organisations and N.G.O.’s to educate, build and support activism on issues of economic equality. Income equality is a key indicator of a sustainable economy and environment as well as a cohesive society.

It gave the participants a chance:

  1. To explore economic equality issues
  2. To develop a capacity to engage with these issues
  3. To build campaigning work in this field

The objectives achieved were:

* Exploration of themes of political economy, income equality, incomes    policy and tax policy.

* Sharing the experience in your own country and community

* Built participants knowledge about and ability to talk about a wide range of economic equality issues

* Gave the participants a chance to learn, try out new ways of campaigning and work as part of a team in developing and exploring new ideas

* Facilitated the finding of international partners & develop international projects

* Learnt more about the funding possibilities of the Erasmus+ Programme.


Non-formal interactive methods: group work, discussion, sharing, intercultural activities, workshops, exchange of experience, theory and practice, exploring the local reality, reflection


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