LEAD II– European Youth In Action Training Course

Eolas Soiléir hosted a seven day European Youth in Action training project for 18 youth workers from six countries, Ireland, Austria, Estonia, Italy, Romania & Denmark.

 The training course took place in the summer of 2014.

The venue was Clonmines, Co. Wexford, a rural location in the south coast of Ireland.

Project Description: LEAD II was a training course that explored leadership development with a special focus on gender & diversity. This training course explored and planned achievable local and international projects that supports the participation of young people throughout Europe.

 Topics explored included:

  • Reflection on your leadership style, values, attitudes, & skills in relation to leading in a diverse environment.
  • Gaining a better understanding of working with gender and how to include people with different cultural backgrounds in your team.
  • Developing leadership skills to increase the mobility of their unemployed / socially excluded young people
  • Exchanging with other participants the challenges arising from diversity in your own environment and to build a network of exchange.
  • Benefitting from new knowledge and ideas on how to be more inclusive in their leadership role. To return home with new knowledge and ideas on how to be more inclusive in their leadership role with young people

Who was there? We hosted 18 youth workers, educators, peer educators, activists, community development workers & those who work or are connected with young people both in a professional and voluntary capacity. It was an initiative of Eolas Soiléir (Ireland) ALP (Austria) (with partners CEIPES (Italy), De grønne pigespejdere (Denmark), ACTOR (Romania), & MTÜ Noored Ühiskonna Heaks (Estonia)

What did we do? LEAD II was planned as a learning and development journey, where the participants looked at their own leadership style, values and attitudes and share experiences where inequalities in their home setting were blocking development and mobility.

Through new knowledge and active learning methods the participants took home new experiences and ideas on how to face their leadership challenges at home – at regional and national level.

Bringing together participants from different countries also help us build a network, which participants use for exchange now they are back home.

Methodologies used were all non-formal. Specifically we used, drama methodologies, coaching techniques, World Café, etc. (download manual for all activities)

Youthpass: All participants received a Youthpass and we allowed time for personal reflection, in pairs and in the large group.

Partnership Building: On the last day we looked at the further potential of the YiA programme and started to build partnerships for further projects.