MILD – Multiple Intelligences in Leadership Development

Learning Partnership funded by the European Commission through the Grundtvig Programme

CLEAR was part of a two year partnership with adult, youth and community workers from seven countries, Ireland, Austria, Iceland, the Netherlands, France, Italy, & Denmark.

The learning partnership took place over two years from 2012 to 2014 with meetings in all partner countries.

 Project Description: We wanted to explore and learn how leadership competences can be developed, using the idea that each person has multiple ways in which he/she can be intelligent.

 Topics explored included:

The focus of this 2-year project was to:

  • EXPLORE the multiple intelligences through experiences/activities for adults
  • DISCOVER my multiple intelligences in my Leadership (each person individually)
  • UNDERSTAND the impact of my multiple intelligences in my leadership
  • IDENTIFY Leadership competences to develop
  • CHOOSE the most suitable ways for me to develop them.

Who participated? We worked with partners, ALP (Austria), Askorun (Iceland), De Waal Training and Consultancy (Netherlands), Kamaleonte (Italy), L’Ydille Lang (France) & University of Syddanmark (Denmark)

What did we do? In this project, the partners developed and tested a variety of methods and approaches for the individual intelligences according to Howard Gardner (logical-mathematical, linguistic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, musical, spatial-visual, kinaesthetic, naturalistic, spiritual).

In the first phase we explored the Multiple intelligences through creative methodologies. In the second phase, each partner held a testing phase in their own environment and with their own target group. In the third phase we harvested the results of our testing and analysed the results in a hand-book.

Methodologies used were both formal and non-formal. Specifically we used, drama methodologies, games, activities, reflection, nature, etc. (download handbook for further information & see European Shared treasure for Activities)

Partnership Building: Throughout the partnership we looked at the further potential to work together and started to build partnerships for further projects.