What We Do

Eolas Soiléir is a registered Educational Charity in the Republic of Ireland (CHY 20266).      non_formal_education_rz

What do we do? We support quality non-formal education and volunteering in Ireland and Europe.

How do we do this?   Education and Training programmes: We work with and support partner organisations throughout Europe in researching, developing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating, quality non-formal education programmes. Our training programmes and activities are based on a life long learning approach. We are committed to quality learning experiences for young people, adult learners, youth workers and early school leavers amongst others.  All our trainings are structured to accommodate the learning styles and requirements of our participants using non-formal methodologies.

Volunteering: We are also involved in engaging and preparing volunteers to develop themselves and others through volunteering opportunities and by building a wider movement of people who share our vision and aims. To promote volunteering, we are a sending & hosting organisation for European Voluntary Service as part of the European Erasmus+ Programme. We host short-term EVS for young people with fewer opportunities in our learning and development centre in Wexford.

Our Board: All members of the board have an interest and desire in promoting non-formal education within society. Our members work and volunteer within the field of education, the youth sector and sustainable development. They have extensive experience in facilitating, planning and delivering trainings to a variety of groups and adult learners and in the area of volunteering.

Groups that our board have worked with include young people and adult learners;

  • From disadvantaged communities
  • Young offenders or those at risk of offending
  • Drug users
  • Young school leavers
  • Adult early school leavers
  • Adults & young people suffering with mental health issues    500px-Experiential_learning1

Activities involve working with young people and adult learners on;

  • Adult early school leavers
  • Adults & young people suffering with mental health issues
  • Employment and training opportunities
  • Communication skills
  • Intercultural activities
  • Social inclusion
  • Creativity and critical thinking
  • Outdoor pursuits
  • Healthy Eating
  • Sustainable development processes
  • Drama processes
  • Development Education
  • Conflict resolution work with young adults in Ireland, Israel and Palestine
  • HIV/AIDs awareness
  • Erasmus+ programme

Young people have participated in our organization, by their involvement in EVS, training courses, international meetings, volunteer work camps and in the development of the organisation.